Can I freeze slices of meatloaf?

Made too much meatloaf. Can I freeze individual slices for later lunches?



NotBettyCrocker November 2, 2019
This might be overkill, but I do with sliced pork roast too. I wrap individual slices in wax paper and put in freezer bags. If want to put many in one gallon bag, I freeze enough for two in one wax pack and then put all in a bag. I take out and defrost packs when ready to use. With pork, I like orange marmalade on top so some of the sauce, glaze goes in packs.
MTMitchell August 26, 2013
When we were kids my mom would freeze meatloaf sandwiches wrapped in foil and then in a sandwich bag. She'd put the frozen sandwiches in our lunch bags. They'd keep other stuff cold and thaw by lunch. They were awesome. If you decide to freeze the meatloaf feel free to send me a sandwich!

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Sam1148 August 26, 2013
Yes. I do this all the time. I invested in a food saver and freeze the slices first in packet with some sauce. Then after it's frozen hard, vac-it and store it. It defrosts and warms up quickly with either microwave or boil in the bag.
ATG117 August 26, 2013
I usually wrap in plastic wrap, followed by foil, and then freezer bag. I know this might sound excessive, but I saw this method advised on a Good Eats episode once upon a time.
Monita August 26, 2013
Yes. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap. Then, for easy storage, place the wrapped slices in a large ziplock bag
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