Freezing escargot

I've made up some escargot in the usual butter sauce and am serving on baguette slices. Much more than we can eat in one sitting. Can I freeze the remainder (in the butter sauce) ?

  • Posted by: bigpan
  • June 13, 2013


ChefJune June 14, 2013
When I lived in San Diego we captured some snails from the public land next door. We isolated them and fed them on corn meal for a week so they'd purge whatever else was inside 'em. Then we cooked them with garlic and parsley and butter and served them over pasta. They were SO good!
pierino June 14, 2013
Good point ChefJune. If you are going to be a "do-it-yourselfer" you can capture your snails and trap them in a wooden box with a screen mesh so that they can't escape. Cornmeal is good, but so is a diet of lettuce until you are satisfied that the purge is complete.
Greenstuff June 14, 2013
And here I thought you ate the snails from your garden, pierino! I'd love to do it myself, as the snails in our garden are petits gris, the same species that I gobble up in Provence. But I live in a dense area, and I can't be sure they haven't been exposed to snail poisons in my neighbors' gardens.
Greenstuff June 13, 2013
Yes, you can. Some of the better places I've lived have had frozen escargot (with the butter and garlic) in the grocery store.
pierino June 14, 2013
Damn, I love escargots. I've got two tins set aside for Bastille Day.
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