This image shows the man holding the wrong end of the jar lifter! LOL



bigpan August 28, 2013
I get concerned that posts with an "interesting" link might not be full of malware - so "I" ignore and do not open.
Diana B. August 28, 2013
It's still upside in one of the accompanying photos, but I guess it's OK since the funnel's also upside down!
marialissio August 28, 2013
The offending photograph no longer exists. I must say I wondered about that. I was also surprised that F52 favorite photographer took the shot.
SeaJambon August 28, 2013
Confession: I used mine "upside down" for years before a friend showed me the correct way. It was a major "duh!" moment, as well as a continuing source of amusement! I must say, it works MUCH better right side up! ;)
Diana B. August 28, 2013
Ooops, Food52 Provisions!
Bevi August 28, 2013
Yes, he is indeed holding it upside down.
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