When buying swordfish steaks, is it ok if they are slightly pink/red in color and not totally white? After washing they did not smell at all

  • Posted by: jmcdubs
  • August 28, 2013


ChefJune August 29, 2013
And that's a VERY good thing! The only thing fresh fish should smell of is ocean.
MMMMM swordfish. I want to grill some this weekend!

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David August 28, 2013
Actually the color of the flesh of a swordfish is almost entirely due to it's diet. The four aceepted colors are white, ivory, pink and a sort of pumpkin orange. Pumpkin orange swordfish command a premium as a higher percentage of their diet are shrimp. Pink is the most common color of swordfish flesh caught off the northeast coast of the US.
pierino August 28, 2013
David makes a very good point as far as color. But swordfish are high end predators and their diet goes way beyond shrimp. Basically they will eat anything smaller than they are. The "sword" is used to disable their prey, which might be mackerel or something else.
If you ever get to see swordfish in "the wild" they are incredibly beautiful. The skin just shimmers with color. Yank them out of the water and the color disappears very quickly.
pierino August 28, 2013
In fact, they would be even better if they were totally pink. They will lose that color upon cooking of course. The pink color comes from blood.
irinaleibo August 28, 2013
Without seeing them, I would say they are ok. Most swordfish steaks have a pinkish tint to them. Depends on the cut.
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