Canned Tomato Taste Tests: What are the best canned tomatoes?

Inspired by the 45,000 looks at the how to make spaghetti sauce question in the past year I thought it would be fun to find blind taste tests of canned tomatoes. We've all been to blind wine tastings and often surprised by the winner. So are San Marzano's really the deal? Perhaps the staff at Food 52 should host their own? Below are the ones I found
Feel free to share your thoughts and favorite canned tomatoes

  • Posted by: David
  • August 29, 2013


bigpan August 31, 2013
Any tomato that is from Italy is far superior to anything in a can or jar or tin from America. Check the salt content and you will see it is much lower. Italians pick the tomatoes when they are perfectly ripe and full of flavor and then package them. In the USA you get what you get.
Meaghan F. August 31, 2013
Pomi is a brand that's widely available, but not universal. They actually come in a box, not a can, but I think they taste much fresher and less adulterated than any canned brand I've tried.
Greenstuff August 30, 2013
The Hotline has discussed this issue a few times. Here are a couple of those discussions:

Personally, I've never warmed to Muir Glen, but maybe that would change in a blind tasting.
ChefJune August 30, 2013
imho, the best canned tomatoes come in a jar. That way the tomatoes don't taste of the can, and there's no problem with the chemicals in the can (I can't recall which ones they are) tainting the food inside.
pierino August 30, 2013
ChefJune, the Muir Glen tomatoes come in enamel lined cans for exactly that reason. For jarred tomatoe products I look for Italian "passata" which is looser than domestic tomato puree.
pierino August 30, 2013
I'm definitely in the IMPORTED San Marzano tomato camp. There is a domestic label in a white can. Avoid that! They don't taste even close. For other purposes Muir Glen tomatoes are pretty good.
GIOVANNI50 August 30, 2013
I would not put too much weight on average Joe tasting tests. They are slanted by the person's individual taste experiences, palate, or lack thereof. I would go with objective tests on acidity and sweetness. For me, San Marzano does the trick. Others not so sure are as good. IMHO.
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