Suggestions for dishes that are actually delicious but soft?

That is, soft enough for someone who has had wisdom teeth pulled?

I am thinking more for recipes. Yesterday I made the Black Bean and Coconut Milk soup from Deborah Madison's Vegetable Soups (and pureed it as that is one of the options). This morning I made poached eggs served with butter and a little squeeze of lemon.

I have a well stocked pantry and eat everything except for red meat.

  • Posted by: mstv
  • August 31, 2013


Sam1148 September 1, 2013
How about a eggplant lasagne?
catalinalacruz September 1, 2013
Polenta with lots of butter and grated Parmesan cheese! Also pureed cauliflower -- I use the food processor, and lots of olive oil. Both are wonderful topped with a poached egg.
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 1, 2013
This past hotline question may give you ideas as well as all of the above helpful answers:

FWIW: When I had gum surgery, I enjoyed chicken broth (wonton soup) and pain medications : )
Sujatha August 31, 2013
So w immersion blender any soup: leek potato, gazpacho (I roast veggies first for taste), broccoli- red pepper soup, cream of mushroom or cauliflower. Puréed edamame into a skordalia w roasted garlic. Panna cotta, puréed pumpkin. Also agree w comment above, any cold ice cream or Popsicles would help.
Sujatha August 31, 2013
Mashed cauliflower?
Do you have an immersion blender?
mstv August 31, 2013
I do have an immersion blender.
Sujatha August 31, 2013
Mac n cheese, soft fish such as tilapia or sole, Soft cheeses, is lasagne soft enough?, mashed sweet potatoes (or regular), a good soup recipe I found I epicurious once but cannot find again (chicken broth base w broccoli & red bell pepper cooked in, then puréed, add cheddar cheese or not)
SeaJambon August 31, 2013
When our daughter had her's removed, in addition to lots of smoothies, and mashed potatoes (digression: the Oct/Nov Fine Cooking has lots of recipes for other mashed vegetables), we went primarily with soups. Even pasta can be a bit much -- you're really looking for ultra-soft/no chew. Overcooked pasta might work. Ultimately, anything semi-soft can be pureed (think lasagna) just not sure how it will taste... Good luck, and the best news is that the pain/sensitivity passes quickly. Oh -- another point along those lines, ice cream and its frozen cousins are really good for numbing. My daughter loved having permission to eat pretty much as much as she wanted...
David August 31, 2013
Here are some of my favorite Food 52 Recipes that are soft. (sorry I didn't provide url's)
Yotam Ottolenghi's sweet corn polenta with eggplant sauce.
Eleven Madison Park's Strawberry gazpacho
Roasted Fennel and white bean dip
Baked ricotta and goat cheese with candied tomatoes
Shrimp salad (from five and spice's shrimp salad could pulse the shrimp salad in the food processor to get the consistency you want and serve with sliced ripe avocado instead of bread.)
Rachel P. August 31, 2013 with fruit on top instead, or soups are always the way forward
mstv August 31, 2013
Also, all types of dishes are welcome but I am looking more for savory dishes because we have yogurt, applesauce (made yesterday with gravensteins) ice cream, frozen kefir, etc., on hand.
mstv August 31, 2013
Just to give more examples, I think things like flan, creme caramel, etc., pureed carrot or other vegetable soups, and scrambled eggs are all delicious (albeit simple).
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