alternative to soba noodles?



David September 2, 2013
Soba noodles are fairly easy to find. Many chain groceries carry them and most any oriental market will have several brands.
I think the closest substitute would be whole wheat thin spaghetti
susan G. September 2, 2013
In a pinch, you could even use fettuccine. Not the same ingredients or ethnicity, but you could get away with it.
ZombieCupcake September 2, 2013
Soba is a hard to replace but if you are in a pinch you can open up some ramen and throw away the packet.
pierino September 2, 2013
Don't throw away the spice packet! Save it for "another use". Other alternatives, depending on what you are planning to make are udon, mee krob, or hell even angel hair or fideo. FYI, soba are made with buckwheat flour. You will want a very thin noodle.
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