Do you think I could make this the night before, or is it really best within a few hours?

Cristina Sciarra
Quinoa and Kale Crustless Quiche
Recipe question for: Quinoa and Kale Crustless Quiche


Cristina S. September 6, 2013
Thank you all!
healthierkitchen September 5, 2013
I ended up liking it better hot than room temp. I have never held it over night as a whole quiche, but I do microwave leftover wedges and it is a great and easy way to reheat.
SKK September 5, 2013
Definitely make it the night before. Tastes even better that way. I do as Barbara does, serve it at room temp.
drbabs September 4, 2013
You can definitely make it the night before. You can reheat it as Monita suggests, or serve it at room temperature. (I do this all the time. It's one of my regular recipes.)
Cristina S. September 4, 2013
Sounds like a plan. Thanks!
Monita September 4, 2013
I think you can make this night before. Re-heat at 200 and I would do it uncovered so you aren't steaming up the quiche
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