A question about a recipe: Quinoa and Kale Crustless Quiche

Would red quinoa work in this? If so, is there anything in the instructions I'd need to change? I have a bit in my cupboard, and this sounds like a great way to use it! ;o)

Quinoa and Kale Crustless Quiche
Recipe question for: Quinoa and Kale Crustless Quiche


Hilarybee September 8, 2011
AJ, I'm so glad. It's a weeknight favorite at my house, too. I like to make it ahead for my husband to reheat when I'm not home for dinner.
AntoniaJames September 8, 2011
So now I'm thinking . . . red chard + red Russian kale, for a whole different look. The possibilities are endless. I can see this one becoming a favorite here, especially because it can be made ahead, making it perfect for our weeknight schedule (out in the redwood forest hiking/running/mountain biking for 1.5 hours between work and dinner). ;o)
Hilarybee September 8, 2011
Merrill, that is exactly why I used golden quinoa, because the colors all melded together. But I think it will still be beautiful.
AntoniaJames September 8, 2011
Red quinoa is gorgeous and, to my mind, has a much brighter, cleaner flavor than the regular kind . . . . perhaps explaining its much higher price tag. (When I bought it in bulk, red quinoa ran about four times the cost per pound of the ordinary stuff.) I'll let you know how it turns out. And I'll take a photo if time permits! So looking forward to this. ;o)
Merrill S. September 8, 2011
We debated trying it ourselves but decided it might make the color muddy for the photos -- other than that, and taking into account Hilarybee's notes above, I don't see why you wouldn't use it!
AntoniaJames September 8, 2011
Thanks so much, HB! Looking forward to making this tomorrow evening. Great recipe! ;o)
Hilarybee September 8, 2011
AJ, I'm sure it would work beautifully. I've noticed that red quinoa takes a bit longer to cook- so make sure it is done before adding it to the mix.
Other than that, I don't see any issue. The colors will definitely be different, but I think it will still taste good!
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