Speeding up Peter Reinhart's Bagels

I was inspired to make bagels by another recent question but I made Reinhart's version and they are on trays in the refrigerator. I'd like to take a couple out and rise them on the counter so we can have some today. Any idea how long that will take? They already sat 20 minutes in balls, then 20 minutes shaped on the counter and passed the water bath float test before I stuck them in the fridge. They have been in there an hour.

  • Posted by: nutcakes
  • September 14, 2013


boulangere September 15, 2013
Yikes! Help me help you. Can you DM me a photo? Talk me through your method?
nutcakes September 15, 2013
Well, I was very happy to have a bagel rather than no bagel. These are my worst batch I've ever made in that they are misshapen and flat. I take full responsibility. Still they are better than no bagels too.
boulangere September 14, 2013
Peter Reinhart was my Breads instructor in culinary school, and I've done recipe testing for him since. Among the many principles I learned from him, patience was chief among them. Patience in mixing, in kneading, in proofing, and in retarding. I was not a patient person, but I learned the value of becoming one. I hope you have a similar experience when you finish and taste your overnighted bagels.
nutcakes September 14, 2013
I boiled and baked off a couple. Good. Interested to see the difference after the overnight sit.
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