Can I use Matzo ball batter after 4 days in the fridge?

Hey all, I forgot to shape and boil my matzo balls and the mixture is still in the fridge. I don't wanna waste it - do you think I can still use it today? Thanks.

  • Posted by: Hila
  • April 19, 2020
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1 Comment

Nancy April 20, 2020
Based on a couple of sources, prepared but uncooked eggs or dishes with them (this inclues prepared matzoh ball batter) are safe for 3-4 or 2-4 days' storage in the fridge.
So you're right on the edge.
If everyone in the house is healthy, go ahead and poach them.
If they're into the fifth day and/or someone there is either pregnant or immune-compromised, I would forego them.
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