My produce guru told me Hatch chiles are only available in Aug. What's a good sub? He recommended Anaheim..

  • Posted by: Nicole
  • September 15, 2013


pierino September 16, 2013
Unfortunately the season for Hatch is pretty short although it does extend into September. I agree that Anaheim chiles are the best substitute and they are available year round.
LE B. September 16, 2013
Poblanos would be fine; fuller flavor, less grassy.If you want more heat, add a bit of jalapeno.
Nicole September 16, 2013
Anaheim provided good flavor but vert little heat.
David September 15, 2013
Anaheim chiles are a good substitute for Hatch chiles and they are available in most groceries for most of the year. They are typically slightly less hot than Hatch chiles.
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