Zucchini blossom recipes

My zucchini vine at home is overflowing with male blossoms, Can anyone help me out with a Vegetarian recipe that uses them please?



QueenSashy September 18, 2013
... also a blossom omelette is mighty fine.
QueenSashy September 18, 2013
I like to mix ricotta, parmesan, one egg and some herbs (e.g. basil or thyme), salt and pepper, stuff the little guys, drizzle with olive oil and put under a broiler for about 10 minutes. Serve with nice chunky tomato sauce.
ChefJune September 16, 2013
I recentlu stuffed some with lavender and honey goat cheese and deep fried. We didn't have nearly enough!
amysarah September 16, 2013
Squash blossoms are also a traditional filling, with cheese and such, for quesadillas in Mexico - really good. Here's the Border Grill's version: http://marysueandsusan.com/news/May12/newsflash052312_2.htm
cookinginvictoria September 16, 2013
I love to stuff squash blossoms with finely chopped herbs and goat cheese or ricotta or even Parmesan cheese. Then I dip the blossoms into a thin batter (I make mine with flour and some seltzer water), and deep fry them. Sprinkle with salt and eat -- heaven!

Rick Bayless has a wonderful recipe for a corn and squash blossom soup. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/my-country-my-kitchen/golden-squash-blossom-crema-crema-de-flores-de-calabaza-recipe/index.html I have made this before, and it is delicious. You could definitely sub vegetable (or corn) stock for the chicken broth. Enjoy the blossoms -- such a treat to have in your garden!
Panfusine September 16, 2013
Rick Bayless's recipe sounds great, since it calls for the male flowers! Thanks so much!
Diana B. September 16, 2013
This one looks delish: http://www.joanneweir.com/recipes/mains/farmers-market-risotto-zucchini-their-blossoms.html
FoodSlinger September 16, 2013
I just got back from France and they use those a a lot either battered and deep fried or in a salad with cold boiled potatoes and onion with a nicoise dressing and white anchovies. I loved them all fried fresh use your imagination.
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