Anything for zucchini blossoms without frying?

Looking for some unique ways to prepare zucchini blossoms without frying. Have done them fried by stuffing or chopping into fritters? Any non-fried options out there?

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cheekoli July 15, 2011
Slice them and add raw to a salad; delicious with spring salad mix.
spuntino July 15, 2011
Turn to Diana Kennedy!

Quesadillas (adapted):

or Soup (also adapated):
healthierkitchen July 15, 2011
I had a lot a couple of weeks ago and did a farro risotto with a little of the squash and blossoms cut in. Delicious and pretty! Also, Sara Jenkins has a non-fried recipe in Olives and Oranges in which you stuff the blossoms with cheese and then simmer them in tomato sauce. Also just flipped through a magazine yesterday - not sure which one - with a pizza topped with the blossoms spread out like one would on a frittata.
cookinginvictoria July 15, 2011
Jennmcd: I usually wait until just after the male blossoms have started to open before harvesting them. I find them easiest to stuff at this stage. Be sure not to harvest all of the male blossoms since some are needed for pollination. The zucchinis in my garden are setting a lot of flowers but so far no squash yet. Hopefully, soon!
amysarah July 15, 2011
Zucchini blossoms are used a lot in Mexico too - I've had them with cheese in quesadillas - delicious. Speaking of Mexican cooking - here's a Rick Bayless recipe that sounds good for soup made with them and poblano chiles:
ChefJune July 15, 2011
I've had them stuffed with a mousse of zucchini and cheese and then baked in tomato sauce. Really delicious.
jenmmcd July 15, 2011
This is a companion question... I have two LARGE zucchini plants with tons of blossoms but I never know when to pick them. I know to pick the male ones, but not sure if I should pick them before they open or just after? While they're completely open?
SKK July 15, 2011
Baked with ricotta, basil oil - here is the recipe
lastnightsdinner July 15, 2011
There's a recipe in Eric Ripert's "Avec Eric" for squash blossoms which are stuffed with a crabmeat mixture and then steamed. They look absolutely lovely and easy to prepare, though I have yet to try this prep myself.
mrslarkin July 15, 2011
Soup! Slice blossoms into ribbons and use with other veggies as you would to make a minestrone or vegetable soup.
James R. July 15, 2011
You can slice them and add them to a frittata/omelet. Or top a risotto with sliced blossoms (they should wilt under the heat of the rice). I've been thinking about salt and sugar curing them, like chefs do with hardier greens, but I don't have recipe to share yet.
Leaf &. July 15, 2011
I have not tried this, but, it's on my list (will be shopping for blossoms this weekend at the farmers' markets) - and it looks stunning!
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