Farmers Cheese

I bought some farmers cheese on my way home at a farmers market. I've never used it before but this has a slight bitter taste. Is this normal? I was just getting ready to use it to stuff zucchini blossoms for dinner.



Susan W. July 31, 2015
Yes, don't ruin those lovely squash blossoms. Maybe try a little on a piece of toast in the morning with a little jam. That's how I like it.
PieceOfLayerCake July 31, 2015
Farmer's cheese shouldn't be bitter...I often use it in cheesecake because I love its light/fresh flavor.
Susan W. July 31, 2015
Farmers Cheese is slightly similar to cottage cheese with more of the whey pressed out. It might be very slightly tangy, but not bitter. Was yours made with goat's milk by any chance? It has a fairly short shelf life, but the makers would know that.
alygator July 31, 2015
Thank you. It was made with cow's milk. As I have never had it I just didn't have anything to compare it too but the flavor is a little off putting. I'll just skip the cheese and fry up the zucchini blossoms on there on. Thank you for your help!

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