My coffee always has ice chunks?

I try to make a frappuccino like Starbucks has with the same syrups and same ingredients and it always comes out with ice chunks. I looked on YouTube and theirs comes out really well but I don't think blending is the problem. I tried two different blenders and blended them for different times. When I blend it for too long it comes out watery and I I don't blend it enough ice chunks are in it. Can someone please help me?

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1 Comment

boulangere September 16, 2013
Coffee houses, like restaurants, tend to use very small ice cubes, sometimes even crushed ice. If you're using conventional home ice cubes, they're much larger. You've already discovered that if you over-blend, they essentially break down and your drink is watery. Here are some mini-ice cube trays that might be just the size you need.
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