How can I roast eggplants or peppers on an electric stove top?

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QueenSashy September 22, 2013
Broiler definitely workss, and keep them in the middle rack, not too close to the broiler.
Pegeen September 22, 2013
Yes, sure you can do them under the broiler. It didn't seem like an option from your question. Under the broiler, keep a VERY close eye on them. Do you have a recipe already for slicing and seasoning them or do you need one?
pierino September 22, 2013
I think the broiler could be an option, but lower the heat from the full on broiler setting to maybe around 425F. And you will have to keep checking them and turning them a couple of times.
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Could it be done in the broiler?
Pegeen September 22, 2013
A friend of mine puts the (washed) peppers directly on the rings and keeps turning them with a tongs until they're blistered and she can peel them. But it makes a mess on the rings. This site wrote about using a microwave instead that's supposed to be very good. You might want to try it as an alternative:
Barbara Kafka's marinated eggplant

pierino September 22, 2013
You might able to do that if you have ridged grill pan. The problem with electric stove tops is that they don't maintain a consistant heat---the burners cycle back and forth. The grill pan will at least retain some heat. Your backyard Weber might be a better option.
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