Recipe Request Part 2, Eggplant Salad

Same falafel place as part 1 also serves an eggplant salad topping for their delicious falafel sandwiches. It has caramelized onions, roasted red pepper, and roasted eggplant. Its served at room temperature and probably has lots of olive oil in it. If you know this salad please let me know if I am missing anything, thank you fellow picklers!



susan G. April 8, 2011
This might have the answer: the basic roasted mashed eggplant + 3 salads made with it, or give you the base to come up with something more like what you had.
Slow C. April 6, 2011
I have marinated thick cut eggplant in different sorts of vinegars overnight before grilling/roasting on the advice of a terrific Israeli restaurant up the street--don't know if this is what you are looking for, but it is a tremendous way to add flavor.
Sam1148 April 6, 2011
I wonder if this product was used. A canned Spanish smoked red pepper. It's used in tapas dishes and Mediterranean cooking.
Sadassa_Ulna April 6, 2011
Thanks Sam1148, its definitely rough chopped and I really don't think it has any tahini in it at all. (So its not Baba as I know it to be). It might be everything I described with just salt, but it is so good I imagine there are other seasonings in it?
Sam1148 April 6, 2011
Sounds like a Baba ghanoush. Or based on that master recipe with the additions of roasted peppers and onions. Is it rough chopped or mashed to a puree? It has tahini in it like a hummus. So, like hummus, there could be some creative additions.
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