Making mayo safely

Is there any way to make your own mayo that eliminates the raw egg safety issue? Seems I've read something somewhere about a type of egg produce that is safe but I can't remember or find it.

  • Posted by: ATL
  • September 22, 2013


ATL September 25, 2013
Thanks everyone--now we can have homemade mayo on those Thanksgiving left-over turkey sandwiches.#planning ahead
petitbleu September 24, 2013
ChefOno is right--if you add enough acid, the mayo will be safe. After you make the mayo, let it sit (refrigerated, of course!) for a while--this will allow the acid to kill any potentially unsafe bacteria introduced while making the mayo.
Stephanie G. September 24, 2013
I live in Fort Worth, Texas & I buy Davidson's pasteurized eggs at Central Market. I love them...sorry you can't get in your area. Possibly another producer in your area?
ATL September 24, 2013
Chef Ono--I posted this before but don't see it on my app. You are our guru on food safety--many thanks!!
ChefOno September 23, 2013

Link here:

Please read attached notes

ChefOno September 23, 2013

The referenced recipe will produce a safe mayo, but only marginally and only because it calls for pasteurized eggs, a product unavailable to most of us (not to mention expensive). If the pasteurization method was correct, it would be safe to substitute standard shell eggs but the stated procedure fails on two points. First, 150F includes zero margin for error so it is unsafe to rely on just any old thermometer. It should be a thermocouple type (Thermapen or similar) and it must be properly calibrated. Second, the mixture must remain at temperature for 52 seconds rather than immediately dunking the bowl in ice water.

Even when done correctly, the results will still be a Potentially Hazardous Food, subject to time and temperature control (refrigeration, 2-4 day shelf life).

Increasing the acid would do two things: First, it would eliminate the potential for the yolks to coagulate as they are heated. Second, an ideal pH of 3.6 will create a completely safe (non-PHF / TCS) sauce. I will post an approved recipe when I have a few minutes.

ATL September 23, 2013
Stephenie G, where do you find them? I've searched. . . I'm in the Pacific Northwest where we have several Whole Foods and locally sourced food but I haven't been able to find them.
Stephanie G. September 23, 2013
I use pasteurized eggs.
ATL September 22, 2013
Thanks so much, Diana B!
Diana B. September 22, 2013
This should be safe:
ATL September 22, 2013
Sorry, product not produce!
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