Does anybody prepare huevos ranchero by cooking the eggs IN the salsa? If so could you share the recipie or a link to a great one?



creamtea September 23, 2013
No claims to authenticity, but we always made a recipe from Sunset Magazine growing up:
Salute 1 green bell pepper, sliced in 1 T. butter (I would use olive oil)-until softened, add 1 large can tomatoes, crushed and bring to a simmer. add salt, pinch oregano and a pinch minced parsley, 1 clove garlic, crushed. Cook 10 minutes. Crack eggs into it, top with thin slices of decent cheddar. When cheese is melted, eggs are done. It's simple and good.
Pegeen September 23, 2013
Not for huevos rancheros, but it reminds me of Shakshuka:
pierino September 23, 2013
Yes, and a precursor to shakshuka is eggs in purgatory which goes back to when the tomato industry flourished in Naples in the 19th century. You spread the sauce (salsa) in a flat casserole dish, make some indentations in the sauce, add your raw eggs and then cook in a 400F oven. Remove while the eggs are still runny. Turn them out over your tortillas.
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