Can I freeze fresh salsa?

  • Posted by: Tamy
  • November 25, 2013


Stephanie G. November 26, 2013
We do it ALL the time. Always have a batch in the freezer; tomato salsa, tomatillo, you name it, we've done it. My husband makes batches on Sunday and it's time consuming because he grills all the vegetables. Is it the frozen the same as the day my husband makes it? No, but so much better than anything you can buy. Sometimes I drain the thawed portions.

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Declan November 25, 2013
I would be skeptical on this one. You will definitely loose the spicy tang associated with salsa. Think of the difference between fresh and jarred salsa. Now go down another notch on the scale. I grew with the Marinara being good when defrosted, but the Marinara ingredients are cooked, while the salsa ingredients depend in freshness to create your salsa experuence
pierino November 25, 2013
I suppose you "can" but when you take it out of the freezer you really can't call it "fresh" anymore. I'm doubtful on this one as this something will presumably go straight to the table without any additional cooking.
RespectThePastry November 25, 2013
Yes, you can freeze salsa. It would be like freezing marinara sauce or vegetable soup, both of which I have done and they have been fine once defrosted.
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