Any good salsa recipes out there?



Cannizzo December 27, 2011
For a different take on salsa I make a smoked salmon one it's always a hit in a way I have been asked to make it so much that I'm tired of it . You take a smoked salmon filet shredded add some red onion chopped small ,jalapeño , cilantro,olive oil and fresh lime juice salt pepper stir and serve with taco chips you could also add avocado and tomatoes
petitbleu December 27, 2011
Roasted veggie salsas are really great. The roasting (or grilling) really adds a lot of flavor. I usually wing it with my salsas. Start with super fresh, in-season tomatoes (since it's not the season for them, I highly recommend roasting to concentrate the flavor), add scallions, jalapeño, garlic, cumin, coriander, oregano, cilantro, and salt and pepper to taste. I also love to add finely minced radishes for a little added crunch and kick (a Joy of Cooking trick). Sometimes, when in season, I'll add fresh corn (raw or roasted). But I always just wing it and taste as I go. You'll learn what you prefer over time.
lorigoldsby December 27, 2011
Broil/roast some vegetables. tomatoes (or this time of year the Campari tomatoes), a roasted poblano pepper, a red onion, garlic clove ( or three) toast some spices (1T @ cumin, coriander, chile) a little kosher or celery salt to taste and run thru the food processor. Add some black beans, roasted corn and cilantro. Serve with WARM chips.
loubaby December 27, 2011
there are as many good salsas out there as there are hairs on your just have to research through them here on this site or elsewhere and decide what you like....I love Frontiera's grill Salsas from the grocery store.
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