How to cook four frozen 9 x 12 dishes

Hello. I am hosting a party this Sunday. I have two 9 x 12s with enchiladas and two 9 x 12s with salsa verde chicken casserole. All of them are frozen in metal pans. The salsa verde dish is corn tortillas, cheese, salsa verde, cream, onions, and chicken. The salsa verde is a heavier dish than the enchildas. All were baked before freezing. How long do I cook them? All four will be in the oven at the same time. Party starts at noon, want to serve at 12:30. Oven is electric. I've been advised not to thaw the enchiladas due to the risk of the corn tortillas becoming soggy if I do. I want to cook from frozen, no thawing. Oh and I have Salton hot plates to keep them warm after baking. Any advice much appreciated.

  • Posted by: Lilly
  • April 24, 2019


Wendy April 24, 2019
Firstly, look at the difference between the enchiladas and casseroles. You will need to factor this into the cooking times. If the casserole is a frozen rectangular cube and the enchiladas are smaller frozen masses then your casseroles will take longer to cook. You will also want to ensure that the casseroles cook through without drying out so I would not cook them at a higher temperature, although I would probably start at a slightly higher, preheated oven to start, given that you are putting all four in at the same time. Also rotate the dishes half way through cooking, both top to bottom and front to back. I would start the casseroles at 11, then the enchiladas at 11:30. I hope you have a wonderful brunch!
Lilly April 24, 2019
Thank you Wendy, that is very helpful. I had not considered rotating the dishes, that is a good idea.
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