For a quick easy dinner, what trader joe's pre-made dinner entree is best?

  • Posted by: Angelly
  • September 30, 2013


LeBec F. February 16, 2014
chicken tikka masala is really terrific; you may want 2 for one dinner.

I also love their steak and bean burritos but i do add more steak to them- either ours, leftover from another dinner, or purchased from our Whole Foods' Prepared Foods counter. The bag of frozen Mushroom Fetuccini Nests is great; just add some sherry to it and cook down, and for protein, add leftover cooked beef or shredded poultry.
Kels M. February 14, 2014
I love the Orange Chicken with some of their frozen, microwaveable brown rice. I always toss some broccoli florets in with the chicken for the last few minutes of cooking time.
gigiaxline October 4, 2013
you can also head over to - they start a Trader Joe's Yay/Nay thread every month so you can get a good idea of what is good and what is not. Here's the one for September
ATG117 October 2, 2013
I would buy a package of their fresh pasta and some parm or other grating cheese. Cook the pasta and toss with olive oil, cheese, some fresh herbs, salt and pepper, and your done.
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 1, 2013
My husband and I love their French-style pizza pie with caramelized onions and ham. In the frozen section.
QueenSashy October 2, 2013
we like it too!
healthierkitchen October 1, 2013
my daughter sometimes heats their chana masala or their palak paneer.
magpiebaker October 1, 2013
Their Japanese Fried Rice is a good vegetarian option
Bevi October 1, 2013
I like their Chicken Serenada, in the frozen dinner section.
lloreen September 30, 2013
I like their peppers stuffed with rice and turkey. You will find them in the fresh area near the salads (not frozen). They are pretty healthy (no added sugar that i know of) and you can heat them in the microwave. Throw together a quick salad and you have dinner for 2 in 5 minutes in a pinch.
Angelly October 2, 2013
Thank you!! They are delicious and so quick!
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