Washington DC Reastaurants?

I will be attending a conference in Washington in the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill
Are some good restaurants nearby for popping in and out of meetings ..also good choices for when the day is done. Thanks

  • Posted by: jamcook
  • October 1, 2013


jamcook October 23, 2013
Thanks everyone.. It poured buckets for 4 days! Bistro Bis was half a block away and Art andSoul was across the street. Great choices both, and we stayed almost dry.
AMulled October 4, 2013
If you're meandering closer by the White House I totally recommend Old Ebbit Grill and also The Hamilton. I only went to Old Ebbit for brunch but they make an amazing crab cabe benedict. And the Hamilton has a really diverse menu; plus some evenings the other side of the building has live music as well.
ChefJune October 4, 2013
Right in that neighborhood are two restaurants we really enjoyed: Bistro Bis and Art and Soul. Bistro Bis is a French-style bistro with amazing food and great for politician-watching. Art and Soul has Southern food. Really good, and nice vibe.
jamcook October 4, 2013
Thanks everyone, you have been a big help.If the government is still shut down, at least I"ll be able to eat and drink well
Chris H. October 4, 2013
Try the H St. NE neighborhood. It's not too far from Cap Hill, and there are tons of good restaurants and bars. Most are concentrated on H between 11th and 14th streets, but there are some true gems outside of those blocks. I would highly recommend Boundary Road at H & 5th NE--both the chef and the beverage director have excellent DC pedigrees (the chef cut his teeth at Cashion's, one of the city's best spots), the bartenders are highly skilled, and the peirogies are to die for. Oh, and the Obamas ate there once.
If you've got time on your hands--literally--I'd also try Toki Underground between 12th and 13th. I say literally because there is never *not* a wait, but Erik Bruner-Yang's little 26-seat ramen outpost is probably my favorite place to eat. (Paradoxically, it's actually upstairs; the downstairs is a bar called The Pug, where you can wait to be seated upstairs, or just hang out with the locals. It's a true neighborhood watering hole.)
Renee B. October 1, 2013
Try this restaurant locator that Washingtonian Magazine makes available on it's website.
also, try the Washington Post's reviewer Tom Sietsma (may be spelled wrong)
I'm from DC but live in Virginia. When we go downtown, we refer to these links (and my husband's sister who lives on the Hill)
Monita October 1, 2013
I had a similar question in July. Here's a link to the thread with the answers.
I went to Oyamel, a fantastic Mexican restaurant;not too far from Capitol Hill
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