Can I use any flour to make pasta?

  • Posted by: emily
  • October 5, 2013


pierino October 6, 2013
All purpose flour is fine. 00 is better. Rule #1, don't break your "well". If you do, you will spend an hour cleaning up. But Emeril's got people for that.
Maedl October 6, 2013
Use a recipe from a good source and follow instructions for both the ingredients and method if you are new to making pasta. Different flours produce different pastas and results, so until you have experience, benefit from someone else's expertise. You will learn a lot,
Pinch&Swirl October 5, 2013
Whole grain flour will require more liquid (eggs/water) than all-purpose or 00. Do you have a particular flour in mind?
plainhomecook October 5, 2013
Are you in the US? If so, our all-purpose flour has always worked fine for me.
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