Which icing would travel better: buttercream or whipped ganache? Gotta drive two hours & temp will be around 78.

Chef Lisa


Dana October 8, 2013
Buttercream just for not to long
mensaque October 8, 2013
I would go with ganache,frost it and freeze it the day before,and by the time you get there it will be ready to serve.An ice box wouldn't hurt!
Bevi October 8, 2013
The few times I have traveled with a cake, the best system for me was to pack the icing (buttercream) in a cooler and frost on location.
ChefJune October 8, 2013
For starters: Buttercream. However London_Eats made a great suggestion to frost the cake when you get there. That temp you mentioned is the air, not the inside of your car (or trunk?). I would pack everything up in a cooler with enough fake ice to ensure everything will remain cool, and then assemble the cake at your destination. I think you'll be much more pleased with the results that way.
London_Eats October 8, 2013
I think buttercream will be more stable. However, you might want to make the buttercream and transport it in a container and ice the cake at the other end if that is possible.
Monita October 8, 2013
I think buttercream but I would try to keep it in a cooler if you can
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