Swiss meringue buttercream snafu

Question: My little cousin (15 years old whom I was supervising to make a tiered cake with Swiss meringue vanilla buttercream) forgot to whip the eggs for the the buttercream before incorporating the butter—anything you can think of to use this mixture (we know we can’t resurrect for the icing—maybe cookies...? If so, how to add the flour, baking soda, and what quantities, etc.) can you think of anything, hive mind?

Alicia Boal


Miss_Karen April 8, 2019
Google: huckleberry cake.
It really does sound just like the recipe I JUST made 2 days ago.... Sorry I don't have a link to give.
Alicia B. April 8, 2019
Ok, my only concern is that it’s only egg whites that the sugar was dissolved into...I suppose I could whip egg yolks into the mixture to give it a little more structure.
Miss_Karen April 8, 2019
I would beat the egg white mixture about a minute or so. (Angel food cake or white cakes don't use yolks.) This might be ok. Obviously, I haven't tried this myself. It was just an idea to help recover already mixed ingredients.
Miss_Karen April 7, 2019
Sounds like pound cake.... Beat the soupy stuff for a minute or so, then I would add about 3-4 cups of flour 1 tsp. Baking soda, 1 1/2tsp baking powder. 1 tsp salt, 2 tsp vanilla extract then pour it into sprayed 2 (8 inch) pans & bake @ 350 F 45-50 min.
You could also use a Bundt pan.
Alicia B. April 7, 2019
Thanks so much! I was exasperated and just wanted to toss the whole thing.
delbor April 7, 2019
So, what is in the mixture? How many eggs, how much butter? Anything else?

Worst case it is a couple bucks of ingredients in the garbage.
How about high class scrambled eggs? Put in pan and heat slowly while stirring until creamy?

Lemon curd?
Pastry cream? Heat milk or half and half to simmer with some sugar. add egg/butter mixture, whisking constantly. Add a little vanilla
Alicia B. April 7, 2019
I realized after I shared this I forgot to say how much....six egg whites with 2 cups sugar, and 1 pound of butter. (Sugar was dissolved in egg whites, but then she forgot to whip into soft peaks and she added all the butter). It’s a viscous white sugary substance.
dryer_fire April 7, 2019
I bet you could make some type of cookie out of it, since usually you'd start by beating the butter and sugar and then adding the eggs. I'd just pick something forgiving - maybe oatmeal cookies?
Beat in some rolled oats, spices, vanilla, salt, baking powder, whatever else you like in your cookies (chocolate chips? nuts? raisins?) then add flour a little at a time until it looks like cookie dough and bake a few test balls to see if it needs adjusting. If they spread too much, you can add some more flour. If they don't spread at all, smash them flat before baking and they'll bake more evenly.
Alicia B. April 7, 2019
Thanks, I may try this as well as the pound cake idea.
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