can boiled cider be made from apple juice?

I have made boiled cider from natural apple cider; but it is seasonal

  • Posted by: Kathy
  • October 8, 2013


usuba D. October 8, 2013
Unfiltered cider has high solids that contribute to the wonderful characteristics of boiled cider. Apple juice is very low in solids and taste . . . will not give the same results.
Kathy October 8, 2013
Yes, I realize that we are in apple season and apples are plentiful right now.

I made my first batch of boiled cider with unfiltered apple cider, which is not readily available throughout the year. So, in light of the fact that unfiltered cider is not always available, my question is: Can apple juice be used instead of apple cider to make boiled cider?
cookbookchick October 8, 2013
Oh dear, Kathy, I apologize! I didn't mean to sound flippant -- I'm afraid I offended you! I'm glad usuba dashi answered your question. But I am curious -- it sounds like you use a lot of boiled cider, what do you use it for? I have a bottle (bought not made) and I haven't opened it yet.
cookbookchick October 8, 2013
Well, if you live in the northern hemisphere ,this is the season!
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