Quick breakfast recipe for Chilaquiles? Kids starving and cabinets bare!! $&@?! HELPPPP!!

Wellington Wizard


ceeteebee October 14, 2013
Also good, and in the same spirit, are breakfast tacos. Anyone who is from, has lived in, or visited Austin, TX will attest to their greatness. You can use whatever kind of soft tortilla you want. Scramble up some eggs and throw in any cheese, veg, beans, salsa, or hot sauce you've got around. Always delicious!
tina October 13, 2013
I'm sure you have fed your munchkins by now. But for future reference I use already made Tostada shells(flat kind) or you can use tortilla chips,cheese and enchilada sauce. Line the casserole dish with tostada rounds top with shredded cheese and sauce. Repeat layers 2x. I'll add chicken or beef to make it more of a meal. I'd add scramble eggs to make it for breakfast.
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