Anyone have any whole wheat quick bread recipes that might work for brunch?

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LeBec F. January 9, 2014
diana, thrilled to hear you can teach me about spelt. i have used both it and wh wht, but plse tell me in what ways it has been superior to wh wht? thx much.
Diana M. January 9, 2014
Might I suggest trying spelt flour in place of white flour for your favorite recipe? I have done a lot of experimenting with spelt flour and it works extremely well as a substitute, always better than whole wheat.
spicysiciliangourmet January 9, 2014
Always happy to try something new and different--thx for the tip!
LeBec F. December 24, 2013
my pleasure, spicy!just make sure not to overbake; bake just til skewer/toothpick comes out clean.
LeBec F. December 23, 2013
Here's a recipe of mine:

do a 52 search for soda bread and 9 other recipes come up as well.
spicysiciliangourmet December 23, 2013
Good lord, this looks awesome! Love anything fennel or fig. Can't wait to try this, thx so much for replying!
Omeletta December 23, 2013
We make this soda bread recipe all the time. It's macde with a mix of all-purpose white flour and whole wheat, but it comes together super quick:
spicysiciliangourmet December 23, 2013
Looks delicious and super easy--thx for sharing!
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