Dried morels question

I just found a bag of dried morels a friend brought me from France (+/- 6 months ago.) I'd used some, then totally forgotten they were there (oops!) I recall jars of dried mushrooms in my mother's pantry for ages, and I'd like to use these at Thanksgiving - but I'm wondering if that's pushing it? (I know they'll be safe, am only concerned about their flavor holding up.)



amysarah October 13, 2013
I actually might use them the night before T-giving, for a light dinner w/arriving guests - maybe a mushroom soup, with a little sherry. I'd use the liquid in the soup - but I have used the soaking liquid from, e.g., dried porcini, in pasta and risotto before. It would be criminal to toss it!
elizlore October 13, 2013
We have stored dried morels in a glass airtght container for over a year with no adverse effects. They will be an elegant addition to your Thanksgiving table. Find a recipe that showcases them. And if you love them as much as I do, save the liquid you reconstitute them in and make your next batch of pasta with it!
Greenstuff October 13, 2013
Six months should not be a problem for any dried mushroom.

You might take a look at this site http://www.dried-morels.com/
amysarah October 13, 2013
Thanks for the link - really helpful!
Meghann C. October 13, 2013
Make a mini test recipe and see!
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