Dry or fresh morels for mushroom risotto?

I'm planning on making a mushroom risotto. I like using both fresh and dry mushrooms. I make a broth with the dry mushrooms and use that instead of chicken broth. I'm thinking of using morels. Dry morels are cheaper. Is there a difference between dry and fresh morels?



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PazzoNico September 11, 2014
I'd go with both (if you can afford it).

Dried, reconstituted in a (very) light chicken or veg. stock to use for the risotto itself, and fresh for finishing/garnish (sauteed in butter, ehem...duck fat). This way, the bulk of the risotto is made from dried (cheaper), but you'll still get the texture and flavor from fresh (more expensive, but superior in flavor and texture).

You can still include some shiitakes or other wild mushrooms to "bulk it up" a bit.
bigpan September 11, 2014
I use dry so that I can use the mushroom water with the rice for added flavor.
Scottielew September 11, 2014
I totally agree!!
Susan W. September 11, 2014
Just like any mushroom, there is a difference when dried over fresh. Fresh morels are sooo expensive that I would probably go for the dried unless I could justify the expense. Everyone should try fresh morels at least once. :0)
Susan W. September 11, 2014
By the way, that last line was me justifying the expense for you. :)
Scottielew September 11, 2014
Haha...thank you!!!
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