How would u make beef brisket baozi(steamed buns)

Make bun without me then make sandwich?

Noah Truwit


Andrea N. October 17, 2013
If you shape the bao dough as a little steamed roll, then you'd have something more like a Taiwanese gua bao. Shred the meat and season it a little saltier than you like. Make it saucy (thicken with cornstarch) if you're looking to stuff it inside the dough before steaming it. Here's the lowdown on making an unfilled bun for stuffing later:
ChefJune October 17, 2013
Half Pint nailed it. Same way I make Kreplach, except I use Kreplach Dough... Almost sounds like the beginning of one of those Carol Burnett sketches. ;)
HalfPint October 17, 2013
Here's how I would make this:
1. make baozi dough. here's a recipe,
2. divide dough into equal portions
3. roll out each portion
4. place a small amount of prepared beef brisket filling in the middle of each rolled out circle of dough. gather up the sides into little bundles
4. steam until the dough is cooked
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