Are ceramic pie weights better than beans for blind baking a pie crust? One would think they'd conduct heat better. Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)

Are they worth buying? Thank you. ;o)



sfmiller October 23, 2013
This thread made me laugh. You know you've come to a strange pass when it's cheaper to use money than pieces of cooked clay or beans as pie weights.

Another reason (besides the fact that it costs about 2 cents to make each one) to retire the penny for good.
jamcook October 22, 2013
I also always use pennies. Everyone has a jar of them ...just wash in hot soapy water and dry before using. They are much cheaper than pie weights...also, there are never enough pie weights in the package to do the job well.
Sam1148 October 21, 2013
I've always used pennies which work fine. You can also use galvanized washers from the hardware store (if you have a place that sells in bulk).
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A great tip I learned from my baking instructor was to put another pie pan in the shell that you're blind baking, turn them upside down and bake it that way. Works great, and you don't have to bother with beans or beads.
pierino October 21, 2013
I would use ceramic weights. But AJ, I already know that you are a way better baker than me so you should be answering this question rather than asking it.
hardlikearmour October 21, 2013
Save your money and use pennies instead. They conduct heat beautifully and are inexpensive.
aargersi October 21, 2013
I never thought about pennies! I have been using the same beans and rice since I overcame my Fear Of Pie Crust but now perhaps it is time to change!
aobenour October 20, 2013
I have used both with success. I used the same dried beans for years before I treated myself to ceramic weights earlier this year - both worked fine in my kitchen.
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