Why does the recipe call for peeling the turnips? I left mine unpeeled to add color and assuming alot of the nutrients are in the colorful skin.

  • Posted by: Mateo
  • October 20, 2013


Monita October 21, 2013
Most people peel the turnips because they find the peel gritty but if scrubbed properly there's no reason you have to peel them. In fact, baby turnips are rarely peeled
Mateo October 20, 2013
Hahahaha! Just realized I used radishes instead of turnips! Alternatively why would one peel the turnips? I prefer to cook even roots and such with the skin, being the skin commonly is rich in nutrients. I buy organic only when it comes to veggies that are grown underground as many, such as potatoes, tend to retain residual chemicals from pesticides and the like.
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