fig cake (Pan de Higo) dried out - what to do?

We have some Pan de Higo (dried fig almond cake) in our refrigerator - it's been in there awhile, so it's a bit dried out. Wondering what I could do with it to use it up? Suggestions?

  • Posted by: amy
  • January 3, 2018


Vandana January 3, 2018
Steaming is a great idea. Maybe you could also soak it in something (simple syrup with almond extract? Rum? Milk, a la Momofuku?) and then chop it up to make a parfait. This way the cake is enrobed in moisture at multiple steps.
Nancy January 3, 2018
Serve with cheese (manchego, cream cheese, ricotta or your choice)
Serve with a dessert sauce you like, hot or cold
Make into a parfait, with ice cream or whipped cream
Serve with foie grad (as the French do with dense gingerbread)
amy January 3, 2018
Those are all great suggestions if you have a fresh cake. This cake is ROCK hard. :) Wondering if anyone has had luck re-softening it? Maybe steaming it? Maybe I should just put it in water to simmer and make a sauce from it?
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