white spots on my dates

I bought some dates at a local market recently and now I see little white spots on them. They have not been refrigerated. Does anyone know if this is the fruit sugar crystallizing or is this some mold?



Manijeh M. March 19, 2020
These dates have been in my fridge since 5 years. Why? In my old house backyard I had 4 female and 2 Male date palms of different varieties. Recently found that sugar crystallized only in the super sweet, very moist red dates. The black ones are hardly sweet and very dry. But the black ones are great for relieving constipation. I used to get a huge crop of more than 60 kg i.e. 150 pounds each year just from the one red date palm. Others gave about 15-30 kg per tree. I would save about 10-15 kg to use in the year, and give away the rest. Come September each year my house used to look like a date processing factory. In the current house I dont have any date palms. But i am still using the ones I saved in 2015.
Manijeh M. March 19, 2020
Just to be totally sure that these white spots were sugar, I took a few white grainy bits from under the date skin and put them in a saucer of water. Rubbed between my fingers a bit. They dissolved. Then I tasted them. Super sweet sugar.
dinner A. November 4, 2014
Almost certainly this is crystallized sugar; I've had this happen with dates quite a few times.
Susan W. November 4, 2014
When my dates start to barely dry out after opening them, the sugar crystallizes. I never refrigerate mine. I've not seen it on unopened dates though.
healthierkitchen November 4, 2014
I did open the package and use a few right after I bought them. But it's not a grocery store resealable bag so I've had the opened package in a resealable container.
Susan W. November 4, 2014
Yeah, it's just that sugar. I just looked at mine (in my pantry in a pyrex) and they have white on them. It kind of flakes off like icing and tastes sweet. :)
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