Big Green Egg Smoker

I just bought a Big Green Egg, looking for delicious recipes Brisket, Pork, Chicken anything

  • Posted by: Nan
  • October 22, 2013


EmilyC October 22, 2013
Congrats -- you're now an Egghead! : ) Like HalfPint, I love using ours for pizza (it approximates a pizza oven given how hot it gets -- we bought the place setter and pizza stone for this purpose), for smoking brisket and pork shoulder low and slow, and grilling meat and vegetables. We also like hot-smoking salmon and trout at a low temp (about 180 degrees). It works well as an oven, and when you think of it that way, you can pretty much take any recipe you'd typically bake/roast in the oven and do it on the BGE. We love making porchetta, for example, and there are great recipes for it on this site. Have fun!
HalfPint October 22, 2013
I use our BGE to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving a few years ago. Last Xmas, we did prime rib roast. Tonight, I will be using it to make pizza. I even baked cornbread and no knead bread in it.
pierino October 22, 2013
First of all the Egg is a damn good product. Now for the recipe;
lakelurelady October 22, 2013
Check out this website. My husband made a wonderful brisket on the egg following this recipe.
Dave O. October 22, 2013
Agreed, I use this site all the time for my Weber Smoker. In fact I used their rib recipe this weekend and they were a big hit.
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