Hi! I have triple 0 Italian flour for pizza, but every time I use it,this baby powder fine flour gets so gloppy and won't absorb water. Help

If you have a recipe you like for this flour, please include it!

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anastasiaH March 12, 2023
I am in Mexico on the coast for a couple months. I created a starter for sourdough. Tried using the available flour. Didn't work as it is better suited for quick breads. Went on Amazon.mx and found a 000 flour. The comments were encouraging for making bread. I ordered 6 kilos. I am half way through all the flour and it's been making amazing chewy crusty sourdough boules! The protein content is 12g. So 000 flour exists in Amazon.mx and I am super thrilled. Though every one eats it up so I am baking 2 loaves at a time every 3 days. PS: because I am on the coast where the humidity is high, I am using less water in the dough.
James M. June 21, 2020
I got a load of this when I couldn't find Tipo 00 at the beginning of lockdown. I've been making pizza with it but the dough have been sticky and floppy.
Last night mixed it 50/50 with strong bread flour and it made excellent pizza crust.
James M. June 21, 2020
And the crust
Tom B. April 19, 2020
000 flour
Tom B. April 19, 2020
Here you go
cocuta April 8, 2020
Actually triple zero flour does exist, maybe not everywhere but at least in my country of Romania they sell it. We have several but the one I use is called Dobrogea and is 000. We also have a few others that are triple zero, Baneasa, Pambac and Boromir are a few others. It is extremley fine flour and we like to use it for cozanac and sweet desert bread. Although I am no longer living in Romania and moved to Canada we can still buy this flour in some Europeans stores that import it but yes it does exist 100%.
Thomas G. March 7, 2018
Where did you purchase. I have not been able to find it anywhere
702551 March 7, 2018
If you are referring to tipo 00 flour, I have purchased bags of the Antimo Caputo brand at a local family-owned grocery store.

Most likely you will find this at higher quality/gourmet grocery stores in your area.

The same brand can be purchased from Amazon.com, of course:


Best of luck.
702551 March 7, 2018
There is no triple 0 flour -- at least in Italy.

The finest type is tipo 00 as Italian flour is graded on a 1967 (law 4.7. 1967. n. 580.) based on ash content just like French and German flours.

If the ash content is below 0.5%, the flour is considered to be tipo 00. There is no lower threshold.

Source: http://www.cooksinfo.com/italian-flours

There may be other foreign flour designations of triple 0 but they would be unrelated to the Italian flour designation.

A quick search of Amazon shows no triple 0 flour products available for the US market.
Smaug March 7, 2018
Odd- the main advantage I've found of 00 flour is that it hydrates so easily. I've also gone through a lot of types of flour and combinations over the years, and found that a low gluten content works best, but it's not a huge issue- I still sometimes use bread flour. Like any sort of bread, or for that matter just about anything made with flour, touch is vital in completing the dough.
Thomas G. January 25, 2018
I'm trying to purchase some triple zero where can I buy it
Sam1148 January 25, 2018
What you want is 00 Flour...I don't think there's 000 flour..
For pizza and pastries it's 00

For pizza dough I find it best mixed with 2cups bread flour 1 cup 00 flour. yeast water oil salt sugar....and 1 cup water.
Normally it goes into a super hot brick oven at 700 or so. But, after years of testing. for a home oven, I roll it out on the backside of a sheet pan (using sheet of silplat)
The decorate it and into a 375 oven. Yes, that low..it just goes longer about 30 mins...until the bottom is browning. Then on a cooling rack.
The sheet pan lets you move it to the oven much better than a peel and the metal transfers heat very quickly.
I like this method much better than a stone for ease of use.
nutcakes January 28, 2018
Like Sam, I have never heard of 'triple zero'. I use '00'. I can buy Caputo 00 at a Walmart neighborhood store near me. Until they started carrying it I ordered it on Amazon. I use the Roberta's recipe.
Valentina S. October 24, 2013
Let me start by saying that there is no such thing as a triple 0 italian flour. You are using some kind of south American flour perhaps?
The flour you're using is probably too low in gluten. How finely milled the flour is has nothing to do with its gluten content. If you want your pizza to come out really well, you need high gluten flour. Try mixing your 000 flour with bread flour or high gluten AP flour in a 30% to 70% ratio. Pizza needs to be well hydrated, especially if you're trying the round pie!
Ed March 7, 2018
Let me start by saying that triple 0 flour does exist, you must just lack knowledge.
Кеитн Г. April 4, 2019
Who makes it ? Tipo 00 ... does not mean 000. But I’m sure you just lack knowledge
michellemybell October 24, 2013
Take a whisk in between your hands like you're in the 'scouts trying to start a fire. Add a small but necessary amount of water while furiously whisking. The more air you get in there at first, the better. Then, after it starts to bind, add the rest as you normally would! A small amount of egg white may help as well. Even just a smidge of oil in the water you're adding may also do you some good. Good luck!

Diane L. October 23, 2013
I have a wood burning pizza oven. I have tried the 000 pizza flour many times and have had much better results with bread flour and/or all purpose flour. Still tastes fantastic and doesn't fall apart.
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