Accidentally used corn flour for a wheat flour pizza dough recipe, dough is very sticky so I had to add more wheat flour. Will this dough rise?

and will it become pizza, or should I modify it (how?) into something else?



caninechef September 23, 2016
I have mentioned this before but it seems to appropriate to add here... I routinely use corn starch ( ie corn flour) to clean the white parts of dog coats. You dampen fur, add starch, dry and brush out. Works like dry shampoo. I accidently used flour once instead of corn starch. What a lesson in the power of gluten! Dog became a sticky mess and it took forever to clean her up. Very different chemistry for the 2 items.
Smaug September 23, 2016
While we wander in the wilderness; you ma, at some point, come across the term "corn gluten"- I've run across it so far as a pet food ingredient and an herbicide- make of that what you will. It is not, however, gluten; it is a complex of various corn proteins, has no relation to wheat gluten and doesn't act like it. I'd toss the crust, by the way, but it didn't say if ALL the flour used was corn flour.
when Cinco de Maio falls on monday (pizza day here) I make a sort of pizza with about 1/4 cornmeal in the crust, which rises fairly well.
Nancy September 22, 2016
Hard to say exactly from info you provided.
If you used about 3/4 of the whole flour volume as wheat flour, added enough yeast, water, kneading, patience, you should have a dough that rises (you can tell by sight, texture, smell).
If no rise and it appears dead but you don't want to throw it out, you could probably turn it into something like crackers (roll very flat at bake) or biscotti (shape as usual into long 12x4" log, bake once, slice crosswise to make the biscotti shapes, bake again).
And then again, maybe this will become a story you dine out on (we all have them ;)
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