Any tricks to soften really hard stale bread?

I'm trying a recipe that requires cubed stale bread, but it's too hard to cut! I already tried wrapping it in a damp towel and microwaving it, but that only softens the crust.

  • Posted by: Kate
  • October 25, 2013


Kate October 26, 2013
Thanks, I did that and then put it in the oven for ~10 minutes and it did the trick! (I do have a serrated knife, but not of great quality, so even my boyfriend wasn't able to do much with it.)

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Peter October 25, 2013
The damp towel and microwave should really do it. Try sealing the damp towel covered loaf in a plastic bag for a few hours. Keeping it air tight should make the moisture move more throughout the whole loaf.

If this doesn't work, do you have a sharp serrated knife? You'd be surprised what one could cut through.
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