I made a banana cream pie with a butter crust. I blind baked the crust and when I refrigerated it the crust got rock hard. What do I do now?

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1 Comment

Nancy November 15, 2018
Did you refrigerate it empty? If yes, take to room temp and see if that helps.
If yes, go ahead. If no, ditch & make another crust.
If you already made the full pie, try the same trick.
If the crust gets tolerably softer at room temp, possible to serve.
If the crust stays hard, or softens but not enough, scrape the filling out, and make it into a parfait - add some cookies, whipped cream, liquor, chocolate shavings to taste. Or save this one for family use and make a new one for serving to guests.
POSSIBLE CAUSES...see attached article, compare to your crust-making, for avoiding problem in future.
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