Best bread wrap?

Hello, I love both the Linen Bread Bags and the Bee's Bread Wrap on the Provisions site. Which is better to store bread (primarily, sourdough or similar bread)?

jess j
  • Posted by: jess j
  • July 7, 2014


anne July 9, 2014
The linen bag is better. My reasons are: you don't want your bread in an airtight wrap, as this will cause moisture to soften the crust and create the atmosphere that mold thrives in; you can reheat your bread in the linen bag with your oven on low but not recommended for the wax paper; also, if you are unfortunate enough to have bread start to mold, you'll appreciate the ability to wash that linen bag in super hot water. A paper bag, brown or otherwise, has the same breath-ability as the linen bag, but you can't wash it either.
Frederick F. July 7, 2014
Brown paper bags. The best.
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