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I need to fine a substitute for nectarines in hummantashins

  • Posted by: Dana
  • October 29, 2013


Dana October 30, 2013
Thanks for all the options!!! I will try them all!
ChefJune October 30, 2013
Thank you pierino! my thought also. :D Never heard of nectarine filling for Hamantaschen, altho I don't know why not, except I like my fillings to be dark. (Haman's hat was black, after all.) I fill my Hamantaschen with poppy seed, prune, blueberry or chopped chocolate to achieve that effect. They all taste great.
pierino October 30, 2013
Which desert are lost in? Asked T.E Lawrence. ;)
amysarah October 29, 2013
Apricot jam is a hamantaschen filling I've encountered a lot.
PazzoNico October 29, 2013
Peaches are a fine sub for nectarines.
RespectThePastry October 29, 2013
They can also be found filled with poppyseed filling, which can be homemade or bought in cans in the baking section of the grocery store. Hammantaschen can be filled with anything really, if you aren't bent on making them traditional. I would go for something fun and seasonal like an apple/cinnamon filling (chop apples and cook them down with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar to taste, salt and lemon juice).
Monita October 29, 2013
A traditional filling for hamantaschen is prune butter which you can make. Never heard of nectarines as filling - must be good
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