My daughter's class is going on a camping trip & I have been asked to make pancakes for the third morning of the trip for 30 people. The pickle is how can we make so many pancakes that can be served close to simultaneously? We've considered premixing the pancakes, but then how do we cook enough at once? We've considered cooking them in advance and freezing them, but then how do we reheat? Any other possible options or tried & true recipes?

  • Posted by: agamom
  • September 12, 2010


davidhurt September 12, 2010
Right. Use a pan that is at a very low temp (adjust if it is too slow) and a little butter or cooking spray and (forgot to mention) a non-stick pan might be helpful also.
agamom September 12, 2010
Very helpful! By premixing I meant the dry ingredients only, not actually adding the egg & milk until the morning. We won't have an oven so the cooler idea is helpful. Can you clarify the "very low pan with a little spray" - are you suggesting low heat & a cooking spray? That may be the best solution. Many thanks!
davidhurt September 12, 2010
You have a couple of different options here.... Not sure what
The best one is to start making them an hour before you will be start serving them. They hold very well in a very low oven with a moist towel kept over so they stay moist. If you don't have an oven, an igloo cooler primed with hot water should do the trick also.
A second option would be to pre-make the pan cakes at home and then re- heat them at the campsite. you can do this in a very low pan with a little spay. Because you have done most of the cooking already. I would under cook them slightly if you will be doing this. You only need to freeze them if it will be more than 5 days before service. Do NOT premix the batter before hand as the it destroys the leavening. I use Crustez Buttermilk pancake mix. THE BEST! Good Luck!
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