Can I make zucchini pancakes the night before?

New here. I'm making brunch tomorrow for some folks who do not eat eggs. One of the dishes I plan to serve is eggless zucchini pancakes. I use chia seeds to keep them together. Question: Can I make them the night before and heat them up the next day?? I don't have much experience "cooking ahead" but it would be helpful to do if they will keep because they are rather labor intensive.

  • Posted by: Melanie
  • January 3, 2014


LeBec F. January 3, 2014
you bet, melanie!
LeBec F. January 3, 2014
i do alot of things with pancakes and i have done my share of experimenting w/ diff zucchini pancakes recipes. I would NOT make in advance and reheat. They need to be fresh, and tend to get kinda dull/lifeless when reheated. I haven't seen your recipe but i would think you could advance-prep alot of components: measure and assemble dry ingredients; assemble liquids and keep refrigerated; grate, salt, drain, squeeze zucchini and keep refrigerated, etc. If you have time, i would strongly rec cooking 1 or 2, which may tell your tastebuds to add more herbs, cheese, etc. to the recipe.
Melanie January 3, 2014
Thank you so much, and, as I think about it, you are right. Even when I reheat them for latecomers to the table they are not as good!
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