Seeking a good cucumber something to serve with vindaloo while camping

I'm going camping and plan to make vindaloo and sourdough (don't ask why, I just wanted to eat it while camping). I'm trying to find a simple idea on how to make cucumbers to go well with vindaloo and flat breads.

Was wondering if cucumbers, maybe apples, white balsamic vin, and shallots would be happy together? Maybe with a chili? All ingredients I'm taking with me for other dishes. Don't really want to bring yoghurt.

I've been practicing cooking on my camp stove all week and have everything down except for some sort of salad to go with the vindaloo. (sourdough pancakes with strawberries in balsamic glaze are acceptable camping foods right?) Vindaloo is tomato-y and has lots of lamb in it, so it's quite heavy. But cucumbers on their own or in vinegar with salt are just too light to go with the curry and not jar the tastebuds.

So, am I completely mad (yes, I know I'm already slightly mad for wanting to have full home cooked meals while camping) to think that cucumbers could work like this?



trampledbygeese May 19, 2013
I had been thinking about raita, but it would be the only dish packing yoghurt for, and I have limited room in the cooler (cucumbers don't have to be cold, but cucumbers in yoghurt does).

I should say, the vindaloo is mild to medium strength, more like a spicy stew than a curry - don't want to give anyone the curry after burn while camping.
susan G. May 18, 2013
Reconsider the yogurt, make raita. I'm assuming the vindaloo is hot and you would love to have a crisp/cool compliment.
bigpan May 18, 2013
If the vindaloo is spicy hot , I would go with a cool cucumber mix - chop a de-seeded English cucumber into small pieces (1/4") and mix with same size chopped red onion. Consider adding chopped green onion, flat leaf parsley and fresh ground pepper. Toss with rice vinegar. If not making on-the-spot, drain the rice vinegar and reserve to add back in when serving.
If the vindaloo is not spicy, then maybe a spicy cucumber salsa. Chop as above, add in chopped onion, tomato, cilantro and spices like cumin and of course chili pepper flakes. Jalepeno if you want real hot. Mix with lime juice.
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