Trying to make pancakes and wet mix is getting chunky.

I'm trying to make pancakes using the recipe from Joy of Cooking. It calls for you to mix 1 1/2 c milk (I'm using skim), 3 T melted butter and two eggs. First time I did it, I tried to slowly add the butter as I knew it could cook my eggs, and sure enough I saw chunks in the mix. So I tossed it out and tried again. This time I let the butter cool longer and still saw chunks. Third time, I let it cool about 10 minutes, tested it with my finger to make sure it was cool and yet I had even bigger chunks when I mixed it in! I thought it was cooked eggs, but at this point I think it has to be something else. Any idea what's going on? If it's the skim milk, the only other thing I have is heavy cream - could I combine the two maybe?



WannabeBaker January 5, 2013
Thank you!!! That worked.
sdebrango January 5, 2013
So glad it worked, happy eating! Love pancakes.
sdebrango January 5, 2013
Is your milk cold? If it is the butter will immediately clump, it may not be your eggs that are clumping. Your milk should ideally be at room temperature. Try warming the milk for a few seconds in the microwave before adding the butter just to bring to room temp if the milk is cold.
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