Savoury breakfast for a crowd that can sit out

Hi, I need to bring something savoury, breakfast appropriate, that can sit out for quite a few hours without refrigeration. Cannot contain pork. Any ideas? I've seen some savoury muffin recipes but without being able to add bacon they seem bland. Maybe that's just me. :)



ChefOno November 3, 2013

Note soft cheeses are PHF's due to moisture content. How about an herbed focaccia?

Amandadp November 3, 2013
Thanks, ChefOno. It will be more than 4 hours so quiche is out. To be on the safe side I think cheeses and accompaniments might be he way to go.
ChefOno November 1, 2013

You're absolutely correct to be concerned about food safety here Amandadp. Without a better definition of "quite a few hours without refrigeration" you're flirting with serious danger. Normally I won't cite commercial rules outside a professional environment because, without a complete understanding of the complexities, they can be taken out of context and do more harm than good. This might be an appropriate exception so here goes: In general, the maximum time a Potentially Hazardous Food may sit out is 4 hours, after which it must be discarded. And just to be clear, quiche is a PHF. Also: Forget taking home any leftovers.

Amandadp November 1, 2013
Thanks for the ideas! I was thinking quiche but wasn't sure about leaving it out unrefrigerated.
Chef L. November 1, 2013
As mentioned, quiche is great. Believe it or not, the South Beach diet has "quiche cups to go". Those are individual mini-muffin quiches with veggies & cheese. Tasty & easy to transport.
lunalovegood November 1, 2013
A quiche (or quiches) would be perfect. You don't have to add pork meat, you could leave them vegetarian and the eggs and cheese would still be filling enough. They also are delicious warm, room temp, or cold, so leaving them out for a little while would be fine.
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 31, 2013
Quiche or frittatas.
cookbookchick October 31, 2013
Bagels, lox and all the fixings (cream cheese, red onions, capers)!
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